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If running from Monday is your cardio, we’ve got the tonic for you.

Wellness Tonics You’ll Love Made from ingredients that will love you back.

It’s time to welcome SHŌJŌ Tonics into your life. Experience our range of carefully curated and highly concentrated ingredients known to boost your body and supercharge your brainpower. Tapping into ancient remedies passed down through centuries of Eastern medicine, our functional tonics contain unique blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help you live a large life.

Our wellness tonics, developed and produced in Australia, are delivered in a convenient and great tasting shot, making them an easy and enjoyable addition to your daily wellness routine.


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The Legend – Who was SHŌJŌ?!

The story of SHŌJŌ starts in Japan, where the ancient sea spirit, SHŌJŌ, is known for dreaming big and living even bigger. A true believer in having it all, SHŌJŌ loves to sing, dance and celebrate life but never lets a full calendar get in the way of peak performance.

So, how does SHŌJŌ do it?

According to the legend, SHŌJŌ hears of an ailing man at a beach party and shares a reviving tonic to help bring him back to health. These carefully blended nutri-tonics are SHŌJŌ’s cure-all for late nights, early mornings, and the fatigue and brain fog that comes with juggling everything in life.

SHŌJŌ believes that with a bit of help, you can live hard and play hard without sacrificing your health.


Get To Know Our Experts

MSc Human Nutrition, Registered Nutritionist (NZ)

As one of New Zealand’s most trusted voices in nutrition and wellness, Nikki Hart has played a vital role in ensuring SHŌJŌ Tonics are developed to the highest standard.

She works to incorporate emerging nutritional science with ingredients championed by some of the world’s oldest medicinal practices, bringing our East meets West philosophy to life. Nikki vets every element that goes into SHŌJŌ Tonics, ensuring our functional benefits are backed all the way by science.

BSc Exercise Physiology, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Sports Dietician

With a career spanning more than 15 years, including working with some of Australia’s most elite athletes, Peta Carige brings a wealth of knowledge to the SHŌJŌ Tonics team.

She focuses on maximising performance through simple, practical and proven nutritional advice. And while she’s helped lead athletes win gold medals and attain premiership titles, we’re bottling her expertise in SHŌJŌ Tonics to help everyday Australians live bigger without burning out.

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